The Mayor’s Committee for a Green Future of the New Jersey League of Municipalities has promulgated a municipal certification program and organization called Sustainable Jersey, and, the purpose of Sustainable Jersey is to enlist municipalities in a concerted state-wide effort to improve the environment and promote sustainability and, the Borough of Merchantville has worked with the Green Team since 2017 on sustainability initiatives, now formally recognizes and establishes the Green Team and its link to our Sustainable Jersey certification, the Mayor and Borough Council believe it to be in the best interests of the Borough of Merchantville to establish a Green Team in and for the Borough of Merchantville.
IT IS, THEREFORE, ORDAINED, by the Mayor and Borough Council of Merchantville that Green Team be and hereby is established in and for the Borough of Merchantville.

Co-leader Griffin Kidd   
Co-leader Ron Smith
Member Brian Barnhart
Member Joseph Bouvier   
Member Caroline Bouvier
Member Olivia Bouvier
Member Joan Brennan
Member Adrienne Browne
Member Nicole Eiland
Member Dorothy Foley
Member Cindy Hertneck
Member Kerry Mentzer
Member Ryan Middleton 
Member Kerry Miller 
Member John Woodruff 
Council Representative Ray Woods 


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