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Glenwood Avenue update on progress of the drainage work.

Glenwood Avenue update on the progress of the drainage work on.  The following items are links below:

  • Preliminary design plans for stormwater pumping station
  • Completed survey in the area of the proposed pumping station location (to be incorporated into the pump station design plans)
  • Geotech report to analyze soil conditions for construction activities (will become part of the technical specifications for the project)

The plan is to install the pumping station in the area where the dual stormwater pipes currently occupy.  The pumping station will collect the stormwater from the existing system and pump it directly to the same discharge point that currently exists.  We plan on keeping the existing drainage swale in place and install an insulated above grade force main.  This will allow us to keep the existing drainage system in place through the same natural swale and minimize the concerns for excavating along the New Jersey Transit right of way.

This will help mitigate the flooding issues by allowing the currently surcharged system to proactively pump the stormwater before flooding thus being able to better utilize the collection system capacity.

The plans is to complete design, bid and target completion of the project for the end of the year.  We are working with a vendor on a design of a packaged pump station that will minimize construction effort and provide a cost effective pumping solution. 

Thank you.

Thomas Leisse, PE, CME
Associate Vice President

MERCH - Glenwood Ave. Drainage Prelim. Design

MERCH19007 Signed

MERCH 19007 051721 New Pump Station MVL NJ GEO Tech Report

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